i moved. to here.

1. wake up late. i never wake up late. i got my lazy butt out of bed at 10 AM and it was FABULOUS. i don't remember the last time i slept that long, without waking up & forcing myself to go back to sleep. nope! yesterday i just slept like a baby straight through... it was MUCH needed. good sleep= not grumpy. :)

2. watch a HILARIOUS and AMAZING video of "le cruise" made by the fabulous dre filio. i didn't wish i was on the cruise boat, but i wished i was in all the fabulous pictures in orgeon & canada bc it's just so pretty. :) i wished i had the video soundtrack on my computer so i could listen to it all day, and i love being in the company of seriously cool people, even if i only know them in varying degrees!
this picture looks familiar.... wait..... cool awesome people in amazing places all together...

3. and a MUST: stay up into the wee wee hours talking & laughing until your stomach hurts, till your eyes won't stay open, and your heart is full with your favorite person in the whole world. he's snuggly, silly and doesn't mind when i ruin his $3 white t-shirts with mascara:(cruise photo credits to jeff brown & dre)

best movie i've seen all year :)

have you seen those ten year olds with the tennis shoes with the wheels in the heels so they can walk AND wheel around????
they're called heely's. at for a STEAL at ross ($13 bucks!! brad paid $40 for his) they're MINE.
i heely-ed around brad's house for an hour. we have big plans to go to disneyland asap.
we'll be there-10 year olds at heart.
i couldn't be more tickled at this moment! :)

nope. disneyland is not the happiest place on earth folks.

perhaps at 17th street and PCH in HB, california???
perhaps with a bunch of completely awesome people, playing soccer in the sand, tackling and kicking shins, getting sunburnt and swimming, body surfing and laying out listening to music.
making friends with cool chicks from denmark, bike riding, 17th street deli, nap on a couch, dirty feet covered in sand, warm sun, cool breeze, cute boy...

i'd say exactly there is the happiest place on earth.
and the best day i've ever had off work. ever.
i wish i had taken pictures of my CRAZY beach hair. it was incredible.

1. i deactivated my facebook until further notice and i feel more free. my friends have my email. they can email me.
2. i was going to delete my blog, but i decided to keep it just so i can tell you today was a LOVELY sunday that began with picking up b-rad from the boat and ended with lots of friends on all the couches, snuggling with my boo, watching and laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos and then hearing Roger tells us he got en-gag-ed to Lisa today. HOORAY. :) and since it was ever so lovely, i decided to keep my blog just to tell you about it.

as "favorite" aunt i get bragging rights.
(this is my sister btw, not me.)
wee baby annie. she's just so sweet and little, dontcha just wanna eat her up??

our whole floor has water coming from above. lovely.
this is just one spot of many. in fact, i'm getting really sleepy bc the dripping is kinda like nature therapy.... like its raining. and i DO love rain...
i keep hoping they'll send us home. but they won't.

i'm not usually a girl for brand names. i love target. and kohl's and whatever fits. things from flea markets and knock offs.
i confess i'd love this in a little blue box.
don't click the picture unless you wanna get sucked in.

welp, kids! i had my first earthquake yesterday...
and afterwards for a few minutes you could feel the floor rolling and rolling.... queasy.

this morning i drove merzy & el jefe & bradleyjbarttels to the long beach port to leave me for 7 days and go cruzing to canadia.
they were supposed to go to me-hee-co, but then the piggy flu made them reroute. i wasn't jealous when they were going DOWN the coast, but i REALLY am jealous now bc i've always wanted to go to BC, Canada.
(photo credit goes to mike c fb stalked)
i'm already missing brad.
and its like 5 o clock.
on the first day.

work conference + my own hotel room and king sized bed + free food and travel + funny coworkers + perfect weather = the ideal work week.
china town purchase
my view at dinner at fisherman's wharf :) yep that's right. sunset out the glass looking at golden gate. woot!
my first cable car ride!! i can't believe this is my 3rd trip to SF and my first cable car. i hung on the side and gave high fives to the people on the cars going passed :)

well my weekend in vegas consisted of a shoe thief,
crazy babies,
old funny friends,
and flowers
and family
& many many laughs.

my mom now has 4 outta 5 college graduates. way to go nate dog! we love you.
thanks for giving us a reason to all get together and eat our weight in hor'de'oeuvres and bbq chicken.